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Quiet and Farming in Ca’ La Pergola, in Verona



earth and nature verona


Caring for Earth and Nature

Ca’ la Pergola farm, near Verona, was founded officially in 1986, but it follows the steps of more ancient times, already traced by the family of the actual owners.

The care for earth and for nature in all of its forms are the ideals which inspire their work and for this reason the owners follow personally each and every process inside their own farm.



kiwi cultivation verona


Kiwi cultivation and farm products

The Farm lies in the middle of 4 and a half hectares in which the main cultivation are kiwis plant, but there are also a hundred olive plants, peach-, pear-, cherry, apricot-,walnut-,almond-,lemon trees (which during the cold period are placed into a glass house) and also a row of ancient vines.

Moreover Agriturismo Ca la Pergola offers olive oil,wine and also an excellent honey produced by our own bees.



nature verona


In touch with nature

Choosing an agriturismo for your stay it is certainly dictated by the desire for a relaxing contact with nature. this is why we will be happy to guide our guests through our crops and to bring them closer to the wonderful reality of the countryside.

From flowering to growth till the gathering of the fruits, every season of the year will have its peculiarities to discover and to show our customers. Not to mention the vibrant lives of our Barnyard animals, always ready for you to take a picture!



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