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Lake of garda and valpolicella: touristic locations of great interests






It is possible to reach comfortably many touristic, naturalistic and historical locations. Just 5 km away is the Verona old town. Walking through the streets it will be possible to see the evolution of the city from the Romans through the medieval age until the French and Austrian period.



The Lake of Garda

garda lake

A real worthy attraction is the Lake of Garda, the biggest italian lake, which covers an area of 370 kmq; the lake lies in between 3 regions (lombardia, Veneto and trentino) and its dotted by many evocative towns. The lake stretches itself parallel to the Adige river from which it is separated by Mount Baldo: il will be pleasurable to hike the mounts peaks for an excursion, a lunch and to admire the wonderful landscape of the lake of garda.



Valpolicella: Wines, pastures and Dolomiti

città di verona

North to the agriturismo lies the Valpolicella Hills, famous for its vines and its wine cellar, where excellent wines are produced such as the Amarone. Valpolicella belongs to the prealpi area, called Lessinia, a group of valleys and pastures with heights of 1550-1800 mt upon which dominates in the north east the Carega mountain (2259 mr, in the heart of the Dolomiti). Lessinia deserves to be visited both during winter both in Summer; in fact it possible to practice ski or to walk through the path, going through them riding a bicicle.



Amusement park for adults and children alike




There’s no age limit to enjoy the amusement park of Gardaland, a real pleasure for adults and children alike. In the enchanted frame of the hills around the lake of garda it can offer to the visitors a great numbers of attractions for every age and kind. Gardaland was founded in 1975 and since then the structure has enlarged itself and transformed to satisfy the ever growing requests of its visitors


Just 10 Minutes away from the agriturismo


lake of garda

The lake of Garda, or Benàco, is the bigger italian lake, with an area of 370 km2. Meeting point of Lombardia, Veneto and trentino Alto adige it lies parallel to the Adige river from which it is separated by Mount Baldo. In the north it is narrow while in the south it widens, surrounded by hills that enrich the landscape. The lake it’s an important touristic attraction and it is visited every year by millions of people.


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